Organize your chaos with an All-In-One Back Office

An ERP Alternative

AIOBO — which stands for all-in-one back office — will deliver peace of mind and confidence that your inventory is intact and your teams are paid accurately. Plus, your finance team will sleep better knowing the reporting gets done right the first time.

What is AIOBO?

AIOBO is an Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system alternative designed for businesses that aren’t quite ready to make the giant enterprise-size leap.

As MoreAble grew, we needed a technology that could keep up. We looked into everything from NetSuite and Oracle ERP to Sage Intacct and Scoro, but we needed a technology that could adapt quickly and handle complex data structures for multi-level businesses.

We couldn’t find one, so we built one. And now we want to help other companies scale their businesses, too.

What you can do with AIOBO

With AIOBO and some direction, the possibilities are endless. That said, most of our clients have to start somewhere.

Build a self-serve sales organization

with multiple sales channels – retail, field, affiliate, influencers, etc.

Create commission structures to fuel your business

with multiple pay types – Native and non-native Commission, Residual and bonus settings. Flat dollar amount, percent or credit vendor invoices.


Run multiple stores at once

by setting up custom vendor catalogs with various details – minimum order quantities, tiers for savings, etc.

Effectively manage remote teams

with geo-fenced events and smart clock in and out functions, and scheduling, hour allocation and reporting

What You’ll Get from AIOBO

Fuel for your business


Every business has unique needs, and completely customized technologies don’t scale. That’s why we consult with leading SAAS platforms to develop the right “connection points” to integrate with most platforms and then focus on the hard stuff — like procurement and inventory management designed for complex ecosystems with multiple vendors and various price points.

Streamlined setup


We pride ourselves on white glove service, meaning that you’ll benefit from the fact that all of our account managers are AIOBO users themselves. They understand both how and why certain things need to be done a certain why.

A team you can trust – and actually want to work with

Our team is down-to-earth and works hard. Plus, since we use our own tools, everything has to work. Basically, we are successful only when you are successful.

Popular Features:

Simple Onboarding

Commission Processing


Inventory Management

Campaign Management

Efficient Reporting


Automated Data Entry

Efficient Financial Reporting

Robust Inventory Management


Prioritized Product Fulfillment

Multi-Level Commission Processing


Secure Data Transfers

Complex Data Management


Double-Entry Accounting

Geolocation for Remote Management

Time-Tracking for Teams and Individuals

Financial Reporting
Profit and Loss
Balance Sheets
Retail Deposit Reconciliation
Receivable and Payable C,R,B
So much more
Inventory Management
Procurement and Invoicing
Highly configurable item structure that includes serialized, non-serialized and service item types.
Item bundling, options and linked items are all available within AIOBO.
Vendor Catalog allows for automated back ordering.
Product Fulfillment
AI assisted warehouse assignment.
Real-time fulfillment integration with all the major carriers.
Automated customer notifications.
Complete and partial order management. In-store pickup settings.
All store orders can be fulfilled in one place or can be setup separately.
Native and non-native Commission
Residual and bonus settings
Flat dollar amount, percent or credit vendor invoices
Multiple stores
Highly customized products
Pricing and discounts
Discount and affiliate codes
So much more
Data Management
Non-native transactions can easily be imported for fulfillment and/or C,R,B calculation, reporting and processing.

Since we got started with non-native transactions, we built aiobo’s native transactions storage to handle practically any compensation plan.

AIOBO User Comments


“AIOBO made our lives simple. We got to focus on sales and let the system manage the rest”

– Carlos C., Sales Leader

“We’ve easily saved 35-40% of our time simply by implementing AIOBO. The added features that keep coming out are just an added bonus.”

– Anna N., Brand Manager at VibeSzn 

"AIOBO was built with the future in mind and we continue to unlock its power as we scale and grow our business.”

– Mike C., Technologist at MoreAble

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