Opportunities galore for results-driven people

Leads are the lifeblood of sales. A following that cares what you share is what makes social influence so impactful. What if you could tap into a pool of possibilities rather than sitting back and waiting for your big break?

Our sales and influencer solutions are designed for results-oriented solopreneurs.

We connect YOU to Opportunity

Profitable Product Options

Our team works tirelessly to build our product portfolio (and we have some really exciting opportunities in our own pipeline). We aim to put profits back in the pockets of the people (versus, say, an Amazon-like behemoth). 

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Valuable Product Training

Not only will we give you the ins and outs of the products we’re asking you to sell but we will make sure you have all the tools you need to amplify the benefits and improve your negotiation skills in the process.

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Risk-Free* Results

Unlike pay-to-play platforms, we will connect you to opportunities that interest you and pay you a portion of what you sell. You decide when, where and how to work and we keep track of the rest.

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Step by step

How It Works


You fill out the form below.


We review and share options.


You decide what interests you most.



We get you to work.

We can help

Sales and Influencer  Examples

While legal requires us to make note that these results are not typical, we’ve found that success equates to effort and we have quite a laundry list of successful field agents and influencers who benefit from our centralized opportunities.

“People who hustle deserve more than those who slack, and this program 100% rewards them.” ~Ryan Hubbard, Account Executive

“The opportunity to generate a comfortable income while helping people makes this job a passion.” ~Kelli Morrell, Customer Success Manager 

“Our influencers rep our brand. Their unique look, style and overall vibe resonates with our customers and helps this female-led business continue to grow.” ~Anna Knoll, VibeSzn Influencer Program Lead

Sales Solutions

Check out some of the sales and influencer solutions we have available and be sure to check back periodically, as we have several in the pipeline just waiting for you.

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